Clarification on SLM Motors Rules for Fast Five Pro Late Model Division

Clarification on the restrictions being placed on SLM teams coming and running in the Fast Five Pro Late Model Division.  First off everyone needs to understand this is a Pro Late Model Division and we are going to do our best at restricting the SLM motors and try to make it fair for all.  This is something that is not that easy if it was then everyone would be doing it.  I feel we need to do it to ensure good car count but yet have a fair and level racing field.  I have spoken now with most all the engine builders and they have expressed to me what they feel their motors need.  With that being said I do understand that it is not just motor that wins races.  The set up of the car needs to be taken into consideration.  SLM motors run Dry Sump allowing the cg of the car to be lower.  This makes a handling advantage.  Overall weight of the drive train and being able to lower it in the car makes a difference that needs to be taken into play.  So with everything that I have heard and talked to people about over the last several weeks we are going to start at rules that were put out earlier this week.

"Please note that we will modify the restrictions as we feel necessary to make the slm motor packages competitive.  This is a starting point Only.  We will monitor times and performance once we see them on the track.  We feel that we will get really stong racers there this weekend that will give us a great opportunity to measure where our restricitons on the motors line up" - Michael

SLM Motor Restrictions

All Star the "Govenor" restrictor plate

.950 inserts ( to begin with might have to move in a range from .950 to 1.050 max)

(The track has five sets of .950 inserts and 2 sets of 1.00 on hand if you do not have them. We also have 2 plates as well racers can use to come race with us)

6400 rpm ( to begin with might have to move in a range from 6400 - 7000 max)

750 Carb

Weight the same.

We do understand that these restrictions may vary from motor builder as we have found a significant difference in hp based on engine builder.

We are hoping that the racers will understand that are coming to compete with a slm will give us a chance to make this work and have an understanding that we may not get it right this weekend but we will continue to put forth the effort to make it right.  Our number one intention is for this to be a PRO LATE MODEL CLASS we believe that pro late model racing is a division that can be very successful in the region.

Thanks and if you have any questions please call Michael @ 703-929-4987 or emial him at