Justin Mitchell ‘Stoked’ to Make Charger Debut at Southern National

Justin Mitchell has had success in the Legends division.  Now, he’s moving up to the Charger class at Southern National Motorsports Park in Lucama, North Carolina.

The 20-year-old from Goldsboro, North Carolina has previously raced in the smaller Legend Cars division, where he’s scored three wins at Southern National and two wins at Carteret County Speedway.  This past weekend, Mitchell tested in a Charger car built by Randall Parrish and STE Development ahead of his Charger debut, which will take place in the Remember the Fallen 225 at Southern National on Saturday night, May 27th.

“I’m super stoked to get to run the STE Development car,” Mitchell said.  “Randall has built the baddest race car I have ever worked with and I’m super blessed to have this opportunity.”

So far, Mitchell says the transition has not been as challenging as he expected.  He has already picked up on some driving techniques that he needs to change as he adjusts to the bigger Late Model car that will run in the Charger class.

“The transition so far has been much easier than expected, I have only turned about 15 laps but the late model is much easier to drive than the legend,” Mitchell remarked.  “I have a few bad habits to break behind the wheel like driving in too deep and not being smooth behind the wheel.  Luckily, I think the car will be good enough to make me look fast for now.”

Mitchell is heading into next weekend’s race with the expectation of winning.

“I am setting our expectations rather high,” Mitchell explained.  “We spent two years building the car and I couldn’t ask for a better crew chief/car owner to be making the calls.  Every night building this thing, we talked about how we were building a winning car and nothing less. If we don’t win, the weak link wasn’t the car I will go ahead and say that.

“I am super blessed for the opportunity to drive this thing and really hope we can park it!”

The Charger class will join the Late Models, Mini Stocks, U-CARs, Legends and Bandoleros in the Remember the Fallen 225 at Southern National Motorsports Park on Saturday, May 27th.

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