Late Model Race Procedures Change at Southern National

LUCAMA, NC – There will be new qualifying and race procedures for the Late Model Stock Car division taking effect at the next race at Southern National Motorsports Park on April 22nd.

The new procedures are for qualifying and for the intermission period between races during Late Model Stock Car twin races.  The revised procedures are, as follows:

  • All LMSC cars will now have to come around to the tire impound right before qualifying and put their tires on there and go out turn three for qualifying.
  • After qualifying, cars are impounded along the front pit wall for the first race.
  • After the first race, all cars will be impounded along the front pit road wall. No cars will be jacked up without approval.
  • Adjustments can be made to the cars but not at the racer’s pit stalls.
  • Any changes that need to be done or want to be done in between races will all have to be approved and all parts must be brought to the tech shed and left until released at the end of the night.

“I am tired of racers taking advantage of the race track, period,” track owner Michael Diaz said.  “I want to be as nice as I can to all the racers but when one or two teams break that trust that I thought I had with the racers, then this is what I have to do.  It is not fair to anyone to cheat on tires and I will not put up with it.  It takes a lot to put on racers here and it takes a lot for prepare their cars to race here and if they are the best care that night they should take home the check and the trophy.  No one should take home the check or the trophy by cheating those who do not cheat or try to cheat the system.”

The revised procedures will be in effect during the Springfest 300 on Saturday, April 22nd.

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