Paul Williamson Making Gains in Late Model Division

LUCAMA, NC – Paul Williamson has been having something of a breakthrough season in the Late Model Stock Car division at Southern National Motorsports Park as he is in pursuit of his first career Southern National Late Model win.

The 20-year-old from Kenansville, North Carolina scored a third place finish back on April 22nd, then backed that up with a fourth place finish on May 27th and a fifth place finish in the most recent Late Model race at Southern National.  With veteran car owner and crew chief Wendell Davis working on his cars, Williamson is feeling a boost in confidence from his results so far, this season, and feels like he could be poised for a breakthrough victory soon.

“We’re still picking at it,” Williamson said.  “We keep finding speed here and there.  I think if we keep doing what we’re doing, we’ll be able to pull one off before the end of the season.  We’ve got a good team.  I feel pretty confident that we’ll find it.  It’s just a matter of time.”

This season is Williamson’s second season in a Late Model Stock Car.  Last season, he competed in every race at Southern National Motorsports Park but failed to finish in the top-five.  During the offseason, Williamson did his homework to prepare for the 2017 season and has seen the improvement in the results.

“We did a lot of homework during the offseason,” Williamson stated.  “We’ve got better equipment so we have something to compete with.  We’ve gotten help and it’s starting to pay off and it’s obvious it’s paying off but we’re a lot better off than we were last year at this time without a doubt.  Wendell Davis has been a huge asset this year really.  I can’t thank that guy enough to be honest.”

With Wendell Davis working on his cars, Williamson also has the advantage of having experienced teammates in Chris Chapman, Gerald Benton and Haley Moody.  Williamson has been able to reach out to his teammates for advice, and it has proven to be beneficial.

“We’ve got pretty good teammates now,” Williamson explained.  “It’s been really, I’ve been fortunate to have them and talk to them and we can trade pointers back and forth, like if Chapman sees something I need to do different, he doesn’t mind telling me.  We don’t trade big secrets, we’re still competitors but we help each other out.  It’s nice to have a teammate I can talk to.”

1.) Mason Diaz 250
2.) Chris Chapman -17
3.) Rusty Daniels -17
4.) Jonathan Findley -19
5.) Paul Williamson -36
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Williamson began racing at the age of 14 when he bought a U-CAR and began racing at Coastal Plains Raceway in Jacksonville, North Carolina.  He is a farmer and a first-generation racer who has one win in his career at Southern National, which came on August 1, 2015 as a result of a disqualification.  While a win is a win, Williamson wants to earn his next victory on the track by being first across the stripe.

“We’ve been chasing a win since day one,” Williamson remarked.  “We’ve gotten one win at Southern National but that was by the first place car getting thrown out.  (CHARGER 2015?)  We’ve got one but, in my eyes, I don’t quite count that one.  For us to get a win, that would mean everything.  That would be phenomenal.”

While he has yet to score a win, Williamson says he feels blessed just to have the opportunity to race.

“I’m a farmer, I farm and I like to work on cars.  We don’t come from a big shop, just a regular workshop.  I think we do pretty great for everything we have.  Pretty blessed.  I’m satisfied with what I have going on.  I’ve got a good team, good parents, my whole family backs me up.  You’ve got to have a good fanbase and I have good sponsors.”

Williamson currently sits fifth in points at Southern National in the Late Model division, 36 markers behind points leader Mason Diaz.  He will continue his pursuit of his first victory on Friday night in the StottStrong 195 presented by Solid Rock Carriers.For more information about Southern National Motorsports Park, check out SNMP’s website at“like” Southern National Motorsports Park on Facebook or “follow” @SNM_Park on Twitter.