Next Race: March 31st

Limited Late Models and USAC Midgets headline racing at Southern National Motorsports Park on Easter Weekend.  Green flag: 2pm.


Pit Gate Open:                                  8:00am
Tech & Tire Building:                         9:00am
Drivers Meeting:                                9:40am

Rotating Practice:                    10:15am-12:15pm

Late Models, USACs, Mini Stocks, Legends, Bandos, Any Cars
Final practice for Bandoleros will be qualifying.

LLM Teams Head To Tire Impound for Qualifying Pre Tech:

LLM Group 1         12:15pm
LLM Group 2        12:25pm
LLM Group 3        12:35pm
LLM Group 4        12:45pm
LLM Group 5        12:55pm

GRANDSTANDS OPEN                     12:00pm

Qualifying:                                         12:30pm

USAC, Mini-Stocks, Legends, Bandoleros, Any Cars (Group Qualifying)
Limited Late Models (Time trial qualifying – 1 dead lap, 2 timed laps)

Pre Race Ceremonies:              1:45pm

Green Flag           2:00pm

Mini Stocks           35 Laps
Bandos                           25 Laps
USAC                             35 Laps
Legends                         25 Laps
Late Models                   100 Laps
Any Cars                        15 Laps