Solid Rock Carriers LMSC Thanksgiving Classic 150 Laps – 3 50 Lap Segments $21,000 on the line for the Victor who gambles

Solid Rock Carriers LMSC portion of the Thanksgiving Classic weekend will see some changes to the format of one of the Premier LMSC races for 2019.  Like the last 2 years the Classic will see the Roulette format back in 2019 but with a different distribution of the $20,000 on the line.

The normal 200 Lap race will be slimmed down to a 150 Lap race and broken into 3 segments with each segment winning at least $5,000 with the Roulette entry of $1000.  The first 2 50 Lap segments will get the victor $5,000 per segment.  The final 50 lap segment will find $7,000 going home with the winner who gambles and pays the $1000 entry.  The normal $125 entry will find the victors bringing home in segment 1-3 $2000 per segment.  Both the Roulette entries will find a bonus structure for winning multiple segments.  

"Trying to make a better show for the fans and drivers i hope to see more on tack racing through out the entire event.  I am tired of the big shows resulting in cars riding for several laps and then then final 20 laps or so being the best part of the show.  I believe this will bring some strategy to race and we may see some drivers that normally are not a contender at the end of the race win a segment and the largest purse they have won at any event." - Michael Diaz

There is also $1000 up for grabs for the pole sitter sponsored by Sparks Fuel.  Five Star Bodies will be awarding a brand new body to the highest finisher of the race with the old body style.

Bonus structures are in place for multiple segment winners for both entry points for the race.  $9000 to the winner who pays the $125 entry who sweeps all the segments and gets the pole.  $21,000 to the winner who pays the $1000 and sweeps all the segments and wins the pole.  Winning 2 segments gets a bonus as well.  There is a chance for more than one winner to go home from the classic with a great payday and to put their mark on one of the best LMSC events that occurs each year.

Thanksgiving Classic will take place starting Friday November 29th and conclude on December 1st with the running of the 19th Solid Rock Carriers LMSC race.

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