12 Hours at Southern National

Short Track Endurance


Nov 4th

8:00 AM

2018 12 Hour Endurance Race Rules and Information.


  1. Each Team will consist of 4 drivers.  Each Driver must drive a minimum of 1 hr.  Teams will keep a driver log that will be checked and monitored by a track official. NO PASSENGERS!
  2. No Trucks, Vans, or SUV’s. Any stock 4cy, 6cyl, or 8cyl permitted. NO ENGINE OR CHASSIS MODIFICATIONS ALLOWED! This event is not for race cars.  All glass, headlights, and tail lights should be removed along with other excess parts like spare jack, spare tires, old parts, trash, etc. Car's interior must remain in stock condition.  Stock fuel cells only. Teams may add driver door bar or plate and halo bar. Must have WORKING AM/FM radio in vehicle and must monitor SNMP FM STATION.
  3. Driver changes, fuel stops and repairs will be conducted in designated pit area ONLY. All cars must be empty before fueling begins. Pit road speed will be 5mph. If a team exceeds the speed limit on pit road they will be penalized and or disqualified. Safety is our number one priority. Each team must supply and have present in their pit a 5 lb fire extinguisher.
  4. Safety Equipment :  Helmets are REQUIRED to be worn by ALL competitors. Fire Suits and HANS devices are Recommended, but not required.
  5. No car will be permitted to continue competition with a flat tire. The team must acknowledge the flat tire and take the car to the pit area immediately for repair. Failure to do so will result in the teams scoring to be stopped and will be disqualified.
  6. Safety vehicles may be used to remove disabled cars from the racing surface. Should the caution lights come on all cars must remain single file and monitor SNMP’s FM station for information on location of the Safety Vehicle and situation.  There is to be no passing while the caution lights are on.  There will be no warnings.  If a team does not slow down stay single file and yield to the safety vehicle they will be disqualified.
  7. This is not a DEMOLITION OR A Race/Crash ENDURO.  It is a Strategic endurance event. Drive as if you were on the highway.  Drive defensively!   ROUGH AND AGRESSIVE DRIVING IS STRICLY PROHIBITED! Any car found blocking or intentionally trying to crash or retaliate at another competitor will be penalized or disqualified at the discretion of track officials.
  8. There will be an award for best appearing car. So be creative and make this event fun!

ENTRY FEE: $400.00 per car.  Entry fee includes 4 pit passes.

Pay out:  1st place $3,500.00 2nd $1,000.00 3rd $500.00