V8 Stock Class Rules

  1. Remove all glass, plastic from car remove wheel weights
  2. Suspension must be stock no cranking of torsion bars. if car is leaf sprung no flat stacking of leafs
  3. No welding on frame of any sort frame must be stock no conversion of any kind, no tipping of frame.
  4. Bumper you may swap out but with only stock bumpers no reinforcements what so ever bumpers may be welded with one pass around no hard nose must use stock bumpers horns and bumper brackets
  5. Chain or wire your doors no welding
  6. You must wire or chain hood and trunk up to 6 places no welding washers on body
  7. 4 point cage is recommended no down bars
    no fuel tank protectors if your fuel cell has to be bolted to a frame you may suspend your fuel cell off the backset bar.
  8. Tires of any size is permitted no valve stem protectors no bead protectors no solid rims
  9. you may swap out rearends no 3/4 or ton rears only using a rear end with 5 lug bolt patterns
  10. No engine cradles or disturbuter protectors stock engine mounts only you may weld these in
  11. No prebending of body in anyway
  12. You may use any engine or trans you may use after market shifter and gas pedals and brake pedals
  13. Remove gas tanks to rear seat area you must double clamp lines after market fuel tanks are permitted
  14. Trans cooler may be used must be secured
  15. One battery only of any size place in front passenger floor board secured
  16. A hole must be out in hood for fire detection you may run headers through hood
  17. No changing of body mounts or bolts
  18. This is a stock show with very little modification If you have to ask if you can do something you probably can't.