Bandolero Rules

2021 Bandolero Rules

2021 SNMP Bandolero Series will follow all rules set forth by INEX in the 2021 INEX Rules Book with exception to the following:

  • Maximum gear ratio 400 using only approved front and rear gears sold by 600 racing (FINAL DRIVE RATIO CANNOT BE LOWER THAN 400)
  • Blue Restrictor Plate
  • Off Premises pump gas 87-94 Octane will be allowed
  • Racing fuel can be purchased on race day from SNMP (Sunoco 110) This is the only racing fuel that will be permitted. NO OTHER RACING FUEL WILL BE ALLOWED.
  • SNMP will follow the specific gravity rule set forth in the 2020 INEX rule book.
  • Maximum Tire pressure rule of 40 PSI at the start of the race in the Hoosier tires.
  • RACEceiver will be required for practice and race.
  • Fire systems must be fully charged and 100% functional.  Must be located in the same locations permitted for lead. (Cockpit area only)