Inex Bandolero Rules

2023 Bandolero Rules

The 2023 SNMP Bandolero Series will follow all rules set forth by INEX in the 2023 INEX Rules Book with the exception of the following:

  • Maximum gear ratio 400 using only approved front and rear gears sold by 600 racing (FINAL DRIVE RATIO CANNOT BE LOWER THAN 400)
  • Blue Restrictor Plate
  • Off Premises pump gas 87-94 Octane will be allowed
  • Racing fuel can be purchased on race day from SNMP (Sunoco 110) This is the only racing fuel that will be permitted. NO OTHER RACING FUEL WILL BE ALLOWED.
  • SNMP will follow the specific gravity rule set forth in the 2020 INEX rule book.
  • Maximum Tire pressure rule of 40 PSI at the start of the race in the Hoosier tires.
  • RACEceiver will be required for practice and race.
  • Fire systems must be fully charged and 100% functional.  Must be located in the same locations permitted for lead. (Cockpit area only)