Compact Derby Rules

-Any 4 or 6 front wheel drive car.

-Wheel base max is 109”

-Gas Tank- stock tank can be used as long as its in front of the rear axle, or can be mounted
in the rear seat area strapped and covered.

-Battery- mounted in the front floor area strapped and covered

-Tires- any tire , valve stem protectors ok

-Pre-Run cars- ok but must fit all rule and be safe

-Doors- 2 spots per door 4×4” plates welded or 2 spots of #9 wire 3 wraps

-Hood- 6 places of # 9 wire 3 wraps

-Trunk- 6 places of #9 wire 3 wraps or 4 -4×4” x 1/4” thick plates welded

-Driver Door- some driver do hits are not intentional,but do happen so you can fully
weld the door and put a plate,channel or pipe make sure it does not fall off.

-Safety cage- no larger than 4×4″ square or round tube .if you are no using a perimeter
style cage you will need a tube or pipe behind the driver seat from door to door.

-Bumpers- any stock car bumper can be used or 4×4” square tube. square tube must remain strait
and all other bumpers can’t be stuff. they can be welded to the stock mounting area. No
Extra metal and no frame stuffing.

All cars need a number or name that can be sceen and be tasteful with your wording.