Media Credentials

Southern National welcomes digital, print and television media to cover the 17th Annual Thanksgiving Classic presented by Solid Rock Carriers.

To apply for credentials, either use the form below or have the managing editor of your publication send a request to with the name of the reporter(s), the name of the news outlet, what coverage you are providing and an email address and phone number we can reach you at.

Please send credential requests to Southern National Motorsports Park media relations at least 48 hours prior to the event. Credentials will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.  Southern National Motorsports Park reserves the right to deny credentials to media outlets for any reason.

Local media outlets are encouraged to attend our races and may be given flexibility on credential deadlines and requirements. If you are with a local newspaper or TV station, we request that you inform the track in advance and wear your press credential/ID badge.

Southern National Motorsports Park will accommodate media as much as possible.  A press box is available for working deadline media, however space is limited. SNMP is not equipped to provide internet access to reporters at this time, so please bring your own personal hotspot (We STRONGLY recommend using AT&T, as other cellular providers do not offer reliable data coverage at SNMP).  SNMP will also send out postrace recaps after each race.  To receive these recaps, please email us at

Media Credential Guidelines:

  • Members of the media are requested to dress and act professional at all times.
  • Photographers and videographers may not sell photos or videos taken at Southern National Motorsports Park without the expressed written permission of speedway owner Michael Diaz and track photographer Tom Santini.
  • Southern National Motorsports Park requests reporters who cover races provide SNMP with published work before (for pre-race coverage) and after each event.
  • Southern National Motorsports Park requests prior notification for any reporters who intend to post live updates on Facebook, Twitter, other social media outlets. Live blogging (lap-by-lap updates) is prohibited unless approved by Southern National Motorsports Park.
  • Southern National Motorsports Park does not grant exclusive rights to race coverage to any media outlet.
  • Streaming video coverage of races is prohibited unless previously authorized by Southern National Motorsports Park owner Michael Diaz.

Thank you,
Andy Marquis
Phone: (910) 467-6395

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