UCAR Rules

Thanksgiving Classic UCAR Rules will follow current Langley Speedway UCAR Rules.

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2019 UCAR Thanksgiving Classic Division Rules
Amendments: Rules are subject to amendments at any time when ample notice has
been given to enhance competition
  A. 1980 or newer American made only (Ford, GM, Mopar). Maximum wheelbase of
105” and a complete stock body, frame and suspension 

  B. No bracing anywhere except inside the drivers compartment 

  C. Steering and pedals must remain stock for that make and model. Dash may be

  D. Quick release steering wheel permitted 

  E. All insulation under hood must be removed 

  F. Stock carburetor / fuel injection system for that make and model, including the air
intake system. Air filters must be stock paper type replacements. K&N Type filters
are not approved. No turbo’s or supercharged systems allowed 

  G. No quad 4’s or 4-valve head. No V-6 engines. 

  H. Engines are limited to 4 cylinders ONLY. No more than 3 valves per cylinder. No Dual
Overhead cams allowed. Engine maximum cranking compression of 200 pounds
measured when engine is hot. 

  I. Front wheel drive only 

  J. Ignition computer boxes must remain as manufactured 

  K. Battery may be moved to the driver’s compartment behind the seat. Battery must
be fully enclosed in a battery box 

  L. Stock unaltered rear-ends for that make and model, with a maximum amount of
camber 1 degree. Stock unaltered front-end with a maximum amount of camber
allowed of 5 degrees. 

  M. Track Spec Tires
    1. Hoosier 790’s, 800’s or American Racer (Dr Tire)
    2. No camber cutting on tires allowed

  N. Tire Alterations for the U-CAR division at Langley Speedway is NOT permitted. Once
the season starts there will be a durometer number set. If tires are in question the
top 6 drivers in driver points along with the Technical Director will inspect the tires
and make a ruling or the tires will be sent out to be chemically tested. The final
decision will be made by the Technical Director and possible disqualification and or
fine could be accessed. 

  O. Steel 14″ x 7” Factory or aftermarket All four wheels must be the same size, width
and offset. 3” or 4” back spacing per wheel only 

  P. Unaltered Stock Struts and Shocks Only. Mounting points must remain stock 

  Q. No body modifications permitted. Without driver ride height must be equal on left
and right side =/- 1” tolerance. Minimum ride height on left side of 5” including front
air dam, bolts, etc. for any approved vehicle. No tolerance. Officials will determine if
damage has altered the allowed clearance.

  A. 4- Point roll cage with 2 rear down bars allowed. Must be attached to (4) 1/4 by 2
1/2 steel plates welded to frame rails 

  B. Driver’s door must be reinforced with 3 door bars (1 3/4″ by .090 wall seamless
tubing). Only removed enough metal from the driver’s door to insert roll bars. No
sharp edges. Driver’s side door bars must be plated with 1/8″ steel anti-intrusion
plate. 20″ x 14″. 2 roll bars 1 3/4″ by .090 may be installed thru the firewall from the
main roll cage to the leading most edge of the car. 1 down bar on each side at the
leading most edge and 1 cross bar connecting the 2 roll bars will be permitted 

WINDOWS, REAR WINDOW, ETC.) must be removed. Windshield must be replaced
with clear Lexan with 2 1/8 x 1″ steel straps securing the inside center. Side window
can be covered with sheet metal or lexan and must be pop riveted in 

  D. Gas Tanks. If stock gas tank is ahead of rear axle it may remain in place. If stock gas
tank is behind rear axle it must be replaced with a fuel cell or boat tank (max. 8 gal.).
The fuel cell and the fuel cell container must be fastened in the trunk compartment
as far forward as possible. The fuel cell and the fuel cell container must be installed
as far forward as possible in the trunk compartment equal distance between frame
rails. The fuel cell container will be made of one (1) inch by one (1) inch by 0.065
inch minimum thick square magnetic steel tubing with a minimum of eight (8), 3/8
inch diameter bolts. The flat fuel cell top rack must 3 consist of two (2) tubes
lengthwise and two (2) crosswise equally spaced across the top of the fuel cell
container. The front and rear fuel cell cross members must be constructed using a
one (1) inch wide by three (3) inches in height with a minimum wall thickness of
0.065 inch magnetic steel tubing. A reinforcement bar inside the trunk area must be
a minimum 1-1/2 inches in diameter and with a minimum wall thickness of 0.083
inch magnetic steel tubing, must extend a minimum of 6 inches behind the fuel cell
and must come up parallel with the top of the fuel cell. The bar must be welded
between the rear down bars. 

  E. Window net must be installed by using no less than 1/2 inch magnetic steel round
bar or 1” by 1/8” flat bar. See track officials if you have questions

  F. Two hood pins in the front part of the hood and the rear trunk lid

  G. Doors must be welded or bolted shut

  H. Air bags MUST be disconnected

  I. All cars must have a fire extinguisher, within reach of driver. Must be securely
mounted to floorboard of vehicle. All race teams will have at least one (1), fully
charged, dry chemical fire extinguisher in their pit, exposed and accessible at all
times. This includes, but is not limited to, pit road or the outside pit area. The
extinguisher will be at least 10-B:C, DOT rated and be a minimum of 4 lb capacity. A
valid, fully charged pressure gauge will be visible at all times.

  J. Only aluminum seat permitted and must be secured by using 3/8” inch bolts. Seats
may not be lightened

  K. A quick release belt, shoulder harness and crotch belt no less than 3” in width is
required. Belts must not exceed 5 years old

  L. No weight may be added to the car
Larry king law’s Langley speedway 2019 UCar division rules
Langley-speedway.com 3

  A. Removal of air conditioner condenser and A/C pump

  B. Removal of inertia switches (fuel shut off-Ford)

  C. Removal of rear seat (Must cover rear fire wall with aluminum or steel)

  D. Electric cooling fan may be wired to run constantly

A. Stock suspension in stock position.

  B. 4 wheel working stock brakes.

  C. One spring rubber per wheel permitted. Must be a full 360 degree spring rubber.

  D. Hood and trunk lids must have hinges.

  E. Stock Transmission.

  F. No altered gasoline

  G. No locked differential.

  H. Springs must be stock. Stock springs may be altered and shim stacks (transmission
style shims) are permitted. Aftermarket, Racing or High Performance springs are not
permitted. See track officials if you have questions

  I. No body modifications-stock ride height with a minimum ride height of 5” inches

  J. No removing of sheet metal such as hoods, trunks, doors, or interior sheet metal

  K. Fire extinguisher

  L. All Safety Equipment

  A. This class is for novices and drivers who competed in the U-car division the previous

  B. All drivers must be at least 14 years of age or older with parental consent. For more
information you can call; Langley 757-865-RACE.

  C. Each driver is required to wear a fire resistant uniform, gloves and accessories.
Driver should wear a full face helmet with Snell numbers SA 2000 or SA 2005
standard Snell and/or a valid SFI 31.1, SFI 31.2 or SFI 31.1/2005 label at all time on


  E. Car number must be at least 24″ tall on doors and roof. Car number (at least 6 ” tall)
on upper corner of passenger side windshield