Limited Late Model rules

Southern National Motorsports Park will follow the 2019 NASCAR Whelen All American Series Rule Book.

With the following exceptions.

General Motors 602 Crate Engine 3000 1300 390 CFM Carb w/1” spacer
General Motors 603 Crate Engine 3000 1300 390 CFM Carb w/1” spacer
General Motors 604 Crate Engine

W/ 1.6 Rockers

General Motors 604 Crate Engine

W/ 1.5 Rockers





500 CFM Carb w/no spacer

500 CFM Carb w/no spacer

Ford 347JR Engine 3100 1400 390 CFM Carb w/no spacer
NWAAS Built Engine 3100 1400 450 CFM Carb Combination
NWAAS Built Engine 3050 1350 350 CFM Carb w/no spacer
Little Hickory Engine 3100 1400 500 CFM Carb Combination
70cc Dillon (DMS Spec Engine) 3100 1400 450 CFM Carb Combination

Clarification: The New 500 CFM Ultra Carburetor Will Be Allowed to Compete.


  1. One (1) piece, solid, open aluminum carburetor spacer, One (1) inch thick maximum, may be installed between the intake manifold and carburetor. Maximum paper gasket thickness 0.065”
  2. The spacer must be centered on the intake manifold. No taper, bevels, or any modifications permitted.
  3. ALL 2 BBL Engine Combos Must RUN A 3⁄4 Inch Spacer ALUM Only No Tapers or Bevels Non-Adjustable.


  1. Carburetor Main Body section must remain as supplied from Holley. Center section will be inspected visually and with carburetor Go / No Go tools. Carburetor Throttle Body (Base Plate) will be inspected the same way all throttle bores must be completely round.
  2. Only Holley replacement parts or service parts can be used in any carburetor rework. Carburetor rework must follow the rework guidelines set forth in the NASCAR 2016 rule book for the Main Body, Boosters, Venturi, Carburetor Throttle Body (Base Plate).
  3. Choke Horn may not be removed.
  4. All carburetor parts must be Holley.


  1. All cars will be weighed with driver in a driving position. (3/4lb per lap will be the fuel burn off calculation)
  2. Only fuel burn off will be allowed to be calculated back in to the final weight after race. Nothing else will be added.
  3. Weight of car must be on back of hood for tech purposes.
  4. Any car competing with dislodged or lost weight may not add it back to make weight requirements after the race.
  5. All lead weight must be added to chassis securely and marked with car number.
  6. No tungsten allowed.

No canister shocks or cockpit adjustable shocks permitted.
Steel body one way adjustable permitted.
Aluminum one way adjustable shocks permitted.

Claim Rule: Shocks can be claimed for $1400 cash as long as the claim procedures are followed.  The only shocks that can be claimed are the Top 5 finishing positions for that event only.  The competitor claiming the shocks must finish in the top 5 of the finishing order and behind the competitor whose shocks are being claimed for that event and on the lead lap.

Claim Procedures:

The Competitor claiming the shocks must do the following for the claim to be correctly done:

  • $1400 (cash only)
  • Written statement must be given to the Head Tech within 10 minutes of completion of the last lap of the competitors feature event
  • Written statement must have the following information on it
    • Name of Competitor making claim
    • Finish Position of Competitor making claim
    • Name of Competitor whose shocks are being claimed
    • Finish position of Competitor that shocks are being claimed from

Failure to comply with this claim rule will result in a $1400 fine, loss of purse money and finishing position for that event.

Travel Limiting Devices

  1. All downward chassis movement while the race vehicle is in competition must be limited only by the normal increasing stiffness of the springs.
  2. As an option, one (1) Track-approved front suspension travel limiting device (bump stops, coil binding, etc.) per front wheel may be used.
  3. Vehicles with coil-over suspensions will be allowed an external travel limiting device. The mounting hardware must be made of metal and be mounted in the same location as a shock would be mounted on a conventional (big spring) type suspension and mounted with ½ inch diameter magnetic steel bolt and nut.
  4. Mechanical travel indicating rods may be used.
  5. Remote adjusters for the travel limiting device will not be permitted.
  6. Current spring rules and sway bar rules will be enforced.
  7. Current shock absorber rules will be enforced with the exceptions that the suspension travel may be limited by the shock absorber when travel limiting devices such as bump stops are used on the shock absorber shaft.
  1. Height rules such as frame height and fuel cell height etc. must comply to the current rules but will only be inspected before qualifying or before the race. Heights will not be a post-race inspection due to the time required for the race vehicle to return to its normal static height.

All decisions by the Competition Director are Final.

If any part is found to be illegal the racer will be disqualified for that night and forfeit finishing position and prize money.



1 - Must be standard factory production engine.

2 - OEM crank shaft only.  (Minimum 50Lb)

3 - Stock crankshaft with 3.480" stroke and maximum bore size of 4.060.

4 - No deburring or polishing of crankshaft permitted.

5 - Balancing only.

6 - Stock, standard balancer only.

7 - 600 gram piston/pin/ring combo min. (Stock Components – NO CUSTOM MADE PARTS)

8 - 500 gram piston/pin add 50 lbs., 25 each side.

9 – No dome Pistons.

10 - 5.7 length rod Chevrolet, 6.0 lengths in Ford Chrysler.

11 - Heads must be standard production.  Zero Deck. Chevrolet must be straight plug. Max valve size intake 2.02, exhaust 1.60.

Ford/Chrysler same as LMSC.

12 - No Titanium valves or parts.

13 - Heads min 62cc.

14 - Intake Chevrolet Edelbrock #2101, #2116, or GM casting # 12464340.

15 - Ford Windsor Edelbrock #M9424-C358.

16 - Cams may be solid or hydraulic but have a min. valve lift of no more than. 475 measured at the valve retainer as engine was raced. No roller cams.

17 - Roller rockers may be used.

18 - Headers may be used. (2009) LMSC type only.

19 - Exhaust pipes must be as (2009) LMSC>

20 - HEI or MSD ignition allowed. No magnetos.

21 - 7 1/4” or 5 1/2” clutch allowed. Steel flywheels only

NOTE: Each team must have a spotter during practice, qualifying, qualifying races and the 75 lap feature. All spotters must scan the Track frequency and are required to have radio contact with the driver and have their car number placed on their back and right arm. It is recommended that the pit crew also have a radio scanner to monitor the Track frequency. The frequency being used will be made available at the Technical Inspection area.

Failure to have a spotter for the race in the designated spotter stand will result in a $200 reduction in purse payout.

NOTE: The Promoter reserves the right to make necessary changes in the schedule due to unforeseen circumstances such as, but not limited to, weather.

NOTE: Scoring transponders will be required for this event and teams that do not own one may rent one from the track for $25.00 per unit.