Track Champions

Throughout the years, names like Denny Hamlin, Scott Riggs, “Big Jim” Kelly, Deac McCaskill, Jamey Caudill, Drew Herring and Tommy Lemons, Jr. have won championships at Southern National Motorsports Park. ¬†Here is a list of previous track champions in the Late Model Stock Car division at SNMP.


1993: Scott Riggs
1994: Scott Riggs
1995: Randy Renfrow
1996: Billy Lucas
1997: Jamey Caudill
1998: Jamey Caudill
1999: Jamey Caudill
2000: Jim Kelley
2001: Billy Lucas
2002: Jamey Caudill
2003: Denny Hamlin
2004: Deac McCaskill
2005: Brandon Head
2006: Deac McCaskill
2007: Drew Herring
2008: Corey Strickland
2012: Deac McCaskill
2013: Deac McCaskill
2014: Tommy Lemons, Jr.
2015: Jonathan Findley
2016: Tyler Matthews
2017: Mason Diaz
2018: Mike Darne
2019: Bradley McCaskill
2020: Mason Diaz