Trackside Spot Information for 2024


This year’s season-long rentals let you reserve your trackside spot for all 11 of our regular season races, including the entirety of Speed Week. PLUS, they give you priority access to trackside spot reservations for our premiere events, including upcoming fall special events and the 24th Annual Solid Rock Carriers Thanksgiving Classic, meaning you get first dibs at your trackside spot before we open up to public sales.

Season Trackside Spots are $300, saving you $$ compared to purchasing your spot for each individual event for the season.

Season Trackside Spot Rentals will be open until February 29th.

2024 Season Trackside Spot Rental Rules:

  1. The 2024 Season Rental fee will be $300 (plus Service Fees)
  2. The 2024 Season Rental will only be valid for the 11 regular season SNMP race events:
    1. 2024 Speed Week
        – Saturday, March 2nd – CARS Tour PLM Race and Race #1 of Speed Week
        – Wednesday, March 6th – Race #2 of Speed Week
        – Thursday, March 7th – Race #3 of Speed Week
        – Friday, March 8th – Race #4 of Speed Week
        – Saturday, March 9th – CARS Tour LMSC and Final Race of Speed Week
      Saturday, March 16th – Regular Season Race
      Saturday, March 30th – Regular Season Race
      Saturday, April 13th – Regular Season Race
      Saturday, April 27th – Regular Season Race
      Saturday, May 11th – Regular Season Race
      Saturday, June 8th – Championship Night
  3. The 2024 Season Rental DOES NOT INCLUDE trackside spots for the following events:
    1. Any Fall Special Events
      24th Annual Solid Rock Carriers Thanksgiving Classic
      Any Track Rentals (CMD Drift, Autocross, etc.)
  4. Any events added after January 10th may or may not be included in the Season Rental package. This information will be shared with Trackside Renters as they come up.
  5. Renters will receive first access for a limited time to renting their trackside spot for all special events hosted by SNMP, including, fall special events and the Thanksgiving Classic.
  6. The 2024 Season Rental does not include the cost of Admission for each event. Admission tickets will need to be purchased online or in person for each event that the Renter decides to attend.
  7. If the Renter has not occupied their spot within 30 minutes after the scheduled event start time The Track has the right to re-rent the spot for the remainder of the night’s event unless prior arrangements have been made.
  8. The Renter at all times assumes the responsibility for the actions of all personnel in the spot. If at any time the Track feels that you or a guest in your spot is conducting themselves with inappropriate behavior, you and your guest may be asked to leave and The Track may terminate this agreement. Upon termination, no refunds or credit for unused events will be given.
  9. No structures are permitted in the spots by the Renter. You agree to hold the track harmless from any and all actions.
  10. No signs may be displayed in the spot at any time.
  11. Gas & Charcoal grills may be brought in for use at your trackside spot. After each event the Renter agrees to clean up their spot. A clean-up fee of $75 may be imposed if not cleaned up after each race. Under no circumstances can any item remain from week to week. Any items left will be removed and disposed of by SNMP staff.