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General Rules

Section 1


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Rules can be amended by Southern National Motorsports Park Staff

The following terms, which appear periodically throughout this Rule Book have the following meanings:

  1. PARTICIPANT: Means drivers, mechanics, pit crew members, actual officials of the race, announcers, ambulance crews, tow truck crews, push car crews, newsman photographers, pit gate workers, and all other persons bearing duly and officially assigned pit passes, providing all persons are limited to those who have clearly defined duties directly allotted to them as respects the staging of the Racing Program, or are guests of the insured to whom the insured has issued a “Guest Pit Pass” and to whom no admission charge of any kind has been charged. In no case, however will any member of the general public, or any person otherwise classified as a Spectator be considered a Participant by the terms of this policy.
  2. OFFICIAL: Licensed by NASCAR and appointed by Southern National Motorsports Park Promoter or Race Director to officiate as an employee or independent contractor at the event.
  3. MEMBER: An individual or entity who has been accepted by Southern National Motorsports Park as a member pursuant to the Southern National Motorsports Park Rules, and whose membership has not expired, or been suspended, canceled or terminated.
  4. EVENT: A Southern National Motorsports Park event, which includes the designated race as well as all periods for registration, inspections, time trials, qualifying races, practice runs, post-race inspections and rain or postponed dates related thereto.
  5. COMPETITOR: A driver, car owner, mechanic, crew member or other person (other than a Southern National Motorsports Park Official) who participates competitively in a Southern National Motorsports Park racing event. Whenever the words competitor, driver, car owner, mechanic, or crew member are used, unless the context indicates otherwise, the term used shall be interpreted to include any driver, car owner, mechanic, or crew member assigned to or a member of a race team.
  6. OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer.
  7. STOCK CAR: A vehicle automobile, car, truck, race car, prototype or model that fits the specifications set forth in the Rule Book.
  8. NASCAR: The trade name and registered service mark of National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc.
  9. NASCAR, INEX, and SNMP Licenses: A license that allows a competitor to enter Southern National Motorsports Park when the events are sanctioned by NASCAR, INEX, or SNMP

Section 2

Changes/Updates are highlighted in RED
Rules can be amended by Southern National Motorsports Park Staff


  1. APPLICABILITY: The Southern National Motorsports Park Rules Section applies to each Southern National Motorsports Park competitor. Some items, obviously, do not apply to each class, you can easily determine which rules do not apply to you (if any). You are expected to know the rules; ignorance will not be tolerated as an excuse.
  2. INTERPRETATION AND APPLICATION: If there is a disagreement or dispute
    regarding the meaning or application of the Southern National Motorsports Park Rules, the interpretation and application by the Southern National Motorsports Park Officials at the track shall prevail.
  3. FINALITY OF INTERPRETATION AND APPLICATION: The interpretation and application the Southern National Motorsports Park Rules by the Southern National Motorsports Park Officials shall be final and non-appealable. In order to promote automobile racing, to achieve prompt finality in competition results, and in consideration of receiving numerous benefits available to them. All member, including, competitors and officials, expressly agree that determinations by Southern National Motorsports Park rules are non-litigable and they covenant that they will not initiate or Southern National Motorsports Park or anyone acting on behalf of Southern National Motorsports Park, to reverse or modify such determinations or to recover damages or to seek any other kind of relief allegedly incurred or required as a result of such determination, unless the Southern National Motorsports Park officials made such determinations for no purpose other than a bad-faith intent to harm or cause economic loss to the member, competitor or official. If a member, competitor or official initiates or maintains litigation in violation of this covenant, that member competitor or official agrees to reimburse Southern National Motorsports Park for the cost of such litigation, including attorneys’ fees, member, competitor or official further covenants that in any litigation brought against Southern National Motorsports Park for any reason, the matter will be tried before a judge of competent jurisdiction and hereby waives any right to trail by jury in such action.
  4. SPECIAL RULES: Special rules may be made by the Southern National Motorsports Park Officials for an event due to extraordinary conditions. Such special rules shall apply to the conduct of that event if they are published or announced prior to the commencement of the event by means of a bulletin, newsletter, telephone fax or pre-race meeting.
  5. PROPERTY: Southern National Motorsports Park is private property. Any person on this property without the permission of Southern National Motorsports Park owners or management is guilty of trespassing and subject to the penalties prescribed by law. Through your license and registration, you have been given the authority and the right to be on this property, in conjunction with racing activities. However, the Administration of Southern National Motorsports Park reserved the right to revoke and cancel this authority at any time that it is felt that your presence or conduct is no in the best interests of the sport of auto racing, your fellow competitors, the fans, management and employees of Southern National Motorsports Park.
  6. EVENT: Any event is completed when over 50% of the scheduled length has been ran by the leader or terminated by the Officials for safety reasons.
  7. RACE SURFACE: Ever driver should inspect the racing surface and race track area to learn of any defects, obstructions, or anything which, in his opinion, is unsafe and he shall report that condition to the Competition Director. Any driver entering any race event is considered to have inspected the track and all conditions are satisfactory to him/her. If not, HE/SHE should not race. This further indicated that he/she is aware that auto racing involves risks and he/she assumes these risks with full awareness and knowledge.
  8. DAMAGE OR LOSS: Southern National Motorsports Park assumes no responsibility for damage or loss of your equipment, vehicle or any parts by any means whatsoever.
  9. PROTESTS: All protests as to the finishing position in any race must be made within 15 minutes after the checker flag is displayed signifying the completion of the race. The protest must be made in writing by the driver or if the driver is still on the racing surface, his/her crew chief or owner of the car may proceed with the protest.
    Late Model Stock Car and Pro Late Model see NASCAR 2016 Rule Book. Each separate protest, other than specified below, shall be accompanied by $300.00 protest fee. Separate protest that involves the removal of the cylinder head from the engine shall be accompanied by a $350.00 protest fee and a separate protest that involves the removal of the crankshaft from the engine shall be accompanied by a $750.00 protest fee. Also, a separate protest fee that involves the removal of a piston and/or connecting rod from the engine shall be accompanied by a $500.00 protest fee. All protest fees must be cash only.

Technical Director shall decide whether the matter is subject to protest, and if so shall decide the protest as promptly as possible, and shall inform the parties to the protest of the decision.
Technical Director may decline to accept a protest, even if the matter were otherwise subject to protest, if the Official determines that the alleged rule violation is so unsubstantial as to not provide the Competitor with a significant competitive advantage over other Competitors.
Any decision made by the Technical Director regarding the protest is final; non-appeal able and non-litigate. Once the decision of the protest has been made, such actions may include, but not limited to, revising the official race results, imposing penalties (disqualifications, suspension, or fines and/or of finishing position(s) in the race) awarding or subtracting points, or taking no action.
A scoring decision matter is not subject to protest it is final and non-appeal able.

  1. INSPECTION: A competitor must take whatever steps are required, including tear down of the car, as requested by a Southern National Motorsports Park Official to facilitate inspection of the car. All cars are subject to inspection by an official at any time and in any manner determined by the Officials. ALL decisions by the officials regarding the timing and manner of inspection as well as which cars will be inspected are final, non-appealable and non-review able.
  2. PENALTIES: Penalties for violation of rules may include, but are not limited to, disqualification, suspension of membership, fines and/or loss of points. A suspension may be for the rest of the season or limited to a certain period of time. ALL fines assessed will be paid into the Southern National Motorsports Park Divisional Point Fund. The driver is responsible for his or hers race team members including unpaid fines. Unpaid fines for crew members may be deducted from driver’s purse or point fund monies. Any driver who intentionally causes a caution condition by stopping or spinning out or any other action is subject to a fine and/or lap or time penalty.
  3. Any driver who does not attend the mandatory driver’s meeting will not be eligible to qualify and must start at the rear of the field for their respective division, unless prior notification is given to the Chief Scorer and/or Race Director.

Section 3

Changes/Updates are highlighted in RED
Rules can be amended by Southern National Motorsports Park Staff

  1. NO member will be allowed in the pit area until he or she has obtained the proper membership credentials, pit passes and has signed all the necessary releases and waivers for each event.
  2. A competitor must have the license for the appropriate sanction body to participate; i.e. NASCAR, INEX, SNMP license appropriate to Driver, Crew and/or Owner for any NASCAR, INEX, SNMP sanctioned event at Southern National Motorsports Park.
  3. A competitor must have the license for the appropriate sanction body to participate; i.e. NASCAR, INEX, SNMP. Any competitor wishing to compete in more than one event per race night, must pay to entry each event. Also the competitor must have the appropriate licensing for each event; i.e. NASCAR, INEX, SNMP license appropriate to Driver, Crew and/or Owner for any NASCAR, INEX, SNMP sanctioned event at Southern National Motorsports Park.
  4. All membership and credentials must be visible at all times. A SNMP License, NASCAR License and INEX licenses are non-transferable and non-assignable. They may only be used by the member to whom it is assigned. If a license intentionally or unintentionally transfers, assigns or otherwise permits another person or entity to use or attempt to use the licensees license, then the licensee shall be subject to disciplinary action.
  5. Southern National Motorsports Park reserves the right to accept or reject entry (car owner, mechanic, and/or driver) for any event. Divisions that have a “Division Sponsor” shall be required to display the sponsor’s Track provided decal on the racecar in a manner acceptable to both the Promoter and Race Director. Race cars that fail to display the Track provided decal will not be allowed to race and will forfeit all SNMP points, NASCAR points for NASCAR sanctioned division(s), INEX points for INEX sanctioned division(s).
  6. Any member involved in an accident while on the racing premises and who does not report to a Southern National Motorsports Park Official before leaving the premises (providing said member is able to make such a report) will not be eligible for benefits prescribed under the Benefit Plan. Any member returning to competition or usual occupation after injury shall be deemed for the purpose of the benefit plan, to be physically fit, and further disability benefits and/or medical benefits shall cease as of the date of release.
  7. All participants will please stand at attention during the National Anthem. All cars must be stopped with motor off.
  8. NO alcoholic beverages will be permitted in the pit area. Anyone using intoxicating beverages before entering into the pit area, or while in the pit area, will be ejected from the pits, suspended, and/or loss of membership privileges. NO person or persons involved in the racing events shall be under the influence of intoxicating beverages. No participant may buy or drink beer at the concession stand until their racing events are over for the evening.
  9. Any participant touching an Official in anger shall be suspended from the Speedway INDEFINITELY. Anyone ejected from the pit area must leave Speedway property, you will not be permitted to re-enter into the grandstands area. Any driver car owner, or mechanic who takes part in any demonstration or fight on the track, in the pits or surrounding premises before, during or after a race shall be subject to suspension. Any driver, crew member, owner or any person on Speedway property must uphold any and all State and Local Laws, anyone breaking the law will be subject to arrest. (fighting, D.U.I., trespassing, etc.)
  10. All persons admitted to restricted area of the track must obey all rules and regulations set forth by the Speedway. Each person so admitted will sign all releases of liability requested by the track.
  11. An Official may eject a licensed competitor from an event or from racing premises in any situation to promote the orderly conduct of any event. An ejection is final, non-appeal-able and non- review-able.
  12. Rookies.
    A Rookie shall be defined as follows: Any driver that has completed 5 or less events in any single race season during the previous 5 years in the same race division. Must complete 65% of the races in their Rookie Season to be eligible; Example: Driver competes in 5 (or fewer) events every year for 5 years is eligible for “Rookie” status. Any drivers that meets the definition of Rookie and desires to be eligible for any Rookie of the Year Awards must declare themselves for eligibility in writing. Such declaration must be made after completing 3 events and prior to taking the green flag in their 5th event. The written request shall be handed to the Race Director or his designate. Rookies shall be required to display a yellow stripe on the rear of the car. The Race Director will determine if the stripe meets Southern National Motorsports Park’s requirements. The Race Director’s decision shall be final.

1. Participants legally entering the pits and/or restricted areas are covered by insurance for specific limits. When involved in an accident involving an injury, advise the racing Officials in charge so the necessary insurance forms can be handled properly. NO claims will be considered unless reported prior to leaving the Speedway property that day of event.

  1. To all participants. Any insurance claim filed on any injury sustained on the Speedway property must be filed through your insurance carrier first: NASCAR, INEX, and SNMP is considered secondary insurance and will cover charges not covered by your primary insurance carrier. If you do not have insurance NASCAR, INEX, and SNMP will become your primary insurance carrier.
  2. MINORS- NO one under the age of 16 years old can be admitted to the pit area. Minors ages 16 to 18 years of age must have a minor’s release filled out by parents or guardians before they will be admitted to the pit area.
  3. Insurance is voided if participant partakes of any alcoholic beverages, stimulants, depressing or tranquilizing drugs, or is otherwise under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or is suspended or not properly admitted to the pit area or restricted areas.
  4. The only people allowed on the race track area are Racing Officials. Everyone must stay off the race track at all times unless requested by an Official to assist for some special reason. Drivers may seek a place of safety in the infield following disablement. When a driver is involved in an accident and can not get to the infield area, the driver must remain in his or her car until an Official gives you permission to get out of the car. Pit crews, car owners and personnel related to any car are not allowed on the track following an accident or injury.

Section 4


Changes/Updates are highlighted in RED
Rules can be amended by Southern National Motorsports Park Staff

  1. NO driver shall compete in any event with head or arm extended outside of a closed body race car.
    2. NO race car shall enter the racing premises until the track surface has opened for official practice.
    3. NO one will be permitted to ride on the outside of a race car at any time.
    4. Front drive shaft hoops are mandatory for all divisions, front and rear hoops are mandatory for Late Models and recommended for all other divisions.
    5. ALL roll cage tubing within 36″ of drivers head must be padded.
    6. On board fire extinguishes are mandatory for all divisions.

1. The starter has the authority to start any event whether all cars called onto the track are ready or not. It shall be the policy of Southern National Motorsports Park to make every attempt to end all events with a “Green White Checker” finish. At no time will the Race Director instruct the flagman to display the Green and White flags at the same time.

  1. Line-ups for all events will be posted at the pit board well before the starting time of the event. It is the responsibility of the driver to check their starting position and be ready to race when called for an event. Cars not ready to race may be placed at the rear of the line-up or disqualified from the event.
    Presenting for the Race; A car that is in the official starting line-up and on the starting grid, prior to the Green Flag being displayed will have Presented for the race and will receive track points and payout (if applicable). This is even if a car is pulled off the starting grid by a Track Official and sent to the pits to correct a problem or the race vehicle cannot start the race due to a mechanical problem and/or fails to return to the race. The finishing position for this car will be determined by its starting position in relation to other cars that do not complete the first official lap.
  2. Any car that loses a wheel, has a door, hood, or trunk lid come off or open, or is observed to be dragging any part of compartment, or loose door bars or exhaust protruding in width outward from the vehicle or any other problems that may endanger another competitor may be black flagged at the discretion of the Officials.
  3. A car that breaks down or is involved in an on track incident; will be placed in a designated area behind pit road until the race event has been completed. Depending on circumstances, Track Officials and or management can have the car removed from the race track directly to the outside pit area or other designated area.
  4. For all sanctioned races the following procedure will be used: When a caution flag is displayed; all lapped cars will be placed to the rear of the field, behind the last car on the lead lap, based on the last green flag lap position of the lapped car. Cars under penalty and lap down cars will not be eligible for the cone restart and must remain at the tale of the field in the order of which they we running on the last completed green flag lap.
    If a caution is called after the field has taken the green flag; the field is re-set by placing all cars back in their original starting position except for the car(s) involved; they are put to the rear of the field based on how they left the caution area, and/or entered the pits for repairs, etc.
    If a caution is called on any lap except for the 1st and if over half (1/2) the field has passed the start finish line; that lap is kept for lap count only, but all cars will be lined up based on the last green flag lap. If less than half (1/2) of the field does not cross the start finish line, then this lap is not kept and line up reverts back to the last green flag lap.
  6. After the yellow flag is displayed, the first eligible car one (1) or more laps down to the leader at the time of the caution period, will be given one (1) lap back. At this time the “Free Pass” car will then line up behind the caution/pace vehicle and remain there until the one (1) to go signal has been given. At this time the Free Pass car will pull down to victory lane area at the start finish line, remain there until the Southern National Motorsports Park Official places the “Free Pass” car at the tail end of the entire field. All “Free Pass” cars must be the last car of the entire field, so all pitted cars that come out prior to the green flag must be in front of the “Free Pass” car.
  7. A car is not eligible to receive the “FREE PASS” when, in the judgment of the Race Director the car was involved in, was the reason for the caution, the car is in the pit area, or the car has been penalized with a discretionary call. In the case of a discretionary penalty, it will be made known to the Competitor, at the time the discretionary penalty is imposed, that the car will not be eligible to receive the “FREE PASS” to make up the penalized lap(s) until the next caution period.
  8. Transferring the “FREE PASS” will only occur when the first eligible car becomes ineligible to receive the “FREE PASS” because of a discretionary penalty, or the first eligible car is not in competition at the time the yellow flag is displayed. Then the “FREE PASS” will be transferred to the next eligible car.
    At the one (1) lap to go signal the cone will be placed at the start/finish line. Competitors at this time will choose a restart position by committing to the inside or outside lane of competition. This will set the field for a double file restart.
    Competitors not eligible for the cone restart will be the following.
    • Free Pass Car
    • Lapped Cars
    • Involved in the caution
    • Coming into the pit area and not returning to the competition before the caution car enters turn three (3)
    • Involved in a discretionary call by the Race Director
  10. Twin Races:
    If a competitor falls out of the 1st race before the completion of at least ½ of the race laps at normal speed; will start were they finished in the 1st race and will not be eligible to use the Cone at all during the second race.

Section 5


Changes/Updates are highlighted in RED
Rules can be amended by Southern National Motorsports Park Staff

  1. Upon admittance to the pit area, you must conduct yourself in a manner not detrimental to stock car racing. Profanity in front of race fans, Officials, management, and profane signals on cars, etc… will not be tolerated and may be subject to suspension and/or fine. UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT AND/OR ACTIONS DETRIMENTAL TO THE SPORT OF AUTO RACING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  2. General appearance of pit crews must be neat, clean looking, or they will not be welcome in the pit area.
  3. NO driver may stop his or her car on the track to argue or discuss the race with the starter or Officials. Violation may subject you to disqualification from the event or suspension, or fine according to the decision of the Officials.
  4. Verbal or physical abuse of an Official, such as improper language, striking an Official etc., will result in immediate and indefinite suspension.
  5. FIGHTING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. All drivers are held responsible for the conduct of their crew members and will be dealt with accordingly by the Officials. Anyone going to another driver’s pit area or car may face suspension.
  6. The scoring tower is off limits to all participants at all times unless permission is given by the Chief Steward for you to be there.
  7. Any driver who, in the judgement of the Officials, engage in rough driving,….. deliberately running into, blocking, or swerving in front of another car…. may be subject to suspension. Any car intentionally blocking the track will be barred permanently (owner and driver).

Policy regarding use of and /or possession of illegal substances at Southern National Motorsports Park are as follows:

  1. ILLEGAL DRUGS, DEFINITION: Illegal drugs are those substances defined and prohibited by local, state, and /or federal laws.
  2. GENERAL PROHIBITION: Possession or use of illegal drugs or drug substances, as defined above, is prohibited in any form, by any participant at Southern National Motorsports Park, either on the Speedway ground, or in any area considered to be used in the operation of the Speedway, including but not limited to parking lots, office areas, and/or any and all Southern National Motorsports Park property.
  3. VIOLATIONS AND PENALTIES: Any person found to be in possession of or under the influence of an illegal drug or drug substance on Southern National Motorsports Park property, as defined above, or any person who is arrested by duly-constituted authorities and charged with possession and/or use of illegal drugs or drug substance, or any person who is formally charged by a court of law with illegal drug violations,


  1. Suspension from competition and eviction from Southern National Motorsports Park property and denial of further entry to the Speedway for a period of time to be determined by Officials.
  2. Any participant who is formally charged by a court of law with illegal drug violation, upon notification to Southern National Motorsports Park by the agency, shall be suspended from all forms of participation at Southern National Motorsports Park until such times as the charges are fully adjudicate through the legal process. Any participant convicted of a formal drug charge by such process of law will be prohibited from taking part in any Southern National Motorsports Park events for a minimum period of one year from date of conviction.
  3. APPEAL AND HEARING: Any participant suspended for violation of these rules may be granted an appeal hearing by a board of Officials designated by Southern National Motorsports Park provided the suspended participant requests such a hearing, in writing, within 14 calendar days or the date of suspension. It is the responsibility of the suspended party to make such a request if a hearing is desired.