NC Click it or Ticket Signs on for 2019 LMSC Title Sponsor

NC Click it or Ticket signs on as 2019 Late Model Stock title sponsor for the 2019 season.

With SNMP’s opening date less than 2 weeks away we thought we would start generating some buzz for the 2019 season and no better way to get that started than announcing the title sponsor for LMSC class for 2019.  We are so excited about the partnership we have had with the Governor’s program the last few years and now they have stepped it up a bit and signed on for the title sponsor to our feature Div 1 class.

The partnership not only is for the LMSC class but for several locations around the track for signs to be displayed.  All signs remind the Fan’s to buckle up when they leave the track or they could face a $179 fine.  Not only will the signs be hanging around the track but all competitors competing in the LMSC Div will require the NC click it or Tick Windshield Banner decal to race in that division.

Southern National opens it’s season April 20th with a full line up of classes.

7:00 PM Green Flag

  • LMSC Twin 40 lap
  • Charger 35 lap
  • Mini Stock 30 Lap
  • Legend 25 Lap
  • Bando 15 Lap
  • UCAR 20 Lap
  • Southern Ground Pounders 20 Lap
  • Any Car 20 Lap

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