July 13th & 14th Roval Event Has Been Canceled – Looking for different Date Possibly

We are sorry to announce that we have had to cancel this event due to lack of interest.  We have been told we scheduled this event at the wrong time of the year and that if it were on a different date that drivers in all classes would love to come.

With the INEX Legends Summer Shootout going on not to much interest in drivers changing over their cars to come run this event was the chatter from everyone that we have talked to.  We were told is is a great idea but just at the wrong time.  There is also a Southeast Legends Series race that same Saturday which conflicts for drivers and with that series getting a great car count we did not want to switch our event over to a oval race instead.

We would like to thank CCS for removing the legends from their schedule to help us out and feel bad that we now have to cancel.  We offered CCS sponsorship money if they wanted to put the Legends back on the schedule but as of right now have not heard back from management at CCS.

We hope to figure out maybe a better date for this event and put it back on the schedule in the future.